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Back Office & Tax Support

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Glide Through Tax Season With Ease

We take care of tax preparation and filing plus other back office services so you can keep running your business without the overhead of hiring a full-time accountant

White Glove Service

We provide meticulous care and service to all things tax related.

Strategic Planning

By understanding your taxes, you can realistically plan your business' growth trajectory.

We Grow Together

We relieve the accounting and tax burden for a transparent and affordable rate that grows with your business.

Taxes Simplified with No Surprises

We understand the nuances and complexities of taxes so you don't have to divide your time between running your business and doing your taxes. From IRS notices to payroll and estimated tax liability projections, we provide white glove service to take care of all your tax and back office needs.


We'll Meet You Where You Are

We are ready to help you by coordinating with your existing CPA, or we will handle it if you don't have one. No matter what, we've got you covered.


Additional Back Office Support

You know that taxes take are time-consuming and mistakes are very costly. Often what you actually end up needing are services outside of your tax person's wheelhouse, so we cover a lot of ground. Our additional back office services include: 

countabl | Business Interruption Lost Profits countabl | Quickbooks Training Quickbooks countabl | Catch Up Clean Up Services countabl | R&D tax credits countabl | Sales Tax Calculation Filing countabl | Technology stack analysis integrations countabl | payroll services

Beyond Taxes and Back Office Support

We offer additional services and financial tools to help you focus on your goals and contribute to your business's growth potential. 

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